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Question for "T" seriesowners

Subject: Question for "T" seriesowners
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:04:14 EDT
Hi List: After I complete my 74 MGB in a few months, I would like to locate a 
TD or TF to restore. The classic looks are wonderful, and since I have been 
fortunate enough to own and restore several "vintage" British cars, I think I 
will be able to do the job as needed.(I think I can, I think I can.)
I have ordered two restoration books as well as the T Series Original with 
lots of photos and information. (This series has been a great help with my 
other cars.)
Anyway, what advice do you owners offer as pertains to the T. Would you 
rather have a TD or TF? What are the differences?
How much wood is inside to replace, how difficult and is all available?
What parts, if needed are really tough to find?
Lastly, do any of you know of a car or cars for sale? Maybe even near Oregon.

Thanks so much,
Dennis Barr
Medford, OR.

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