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Re: Fuel Tank Question

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Subject: Re: Fuel Tank Question
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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:14:02 -0000
Changed mine on the roadster about 10 years ago, although that is mostly a
summer car.  The V8 came with what looked like a fairly new tank 9 years and
65k of all-weather (daily driver) miles.  If the outside of the tank was
painted properly before installation (I used two coast of Hammerite gloss
plus lashings of Waxoyl on top), not just relying the on the black it came
with, then you shouldn't have a problem.  A battery would have worked
equally well as a 'smoother'.  A battery charger puts out rectified AC so
while the solenoid was still thinking about pulling itself together the
current would have vanished.

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Subject: Fuel Tank Question

> Sage ones please advise!  My 67 B just wee-'d all over me whilst changing
> the right rear shock.  It looks like I've got a pinhole leak in the tank
> bottom.  ...  The DPO changed it out
> about 3 years ago he said, and the condition of the fasteners confirms his
> statement.  I really don't want to change fuel tanks every 3-4 years
> BTW, the defuelling operation was helped along immensely by use of the
> former fuel pump (7 psi, swapped out for an E8016) powered by a battery
> charger.  Makes it less dangerous and faster. Note that I had to connect a
> large electrolytic capacitor across the supply to get the pump to
> must not like ripply DC.

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