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Re: Radio Antenna

Subject: Re: Radio Antenna
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 18:15:16 -0500
   Radio antennae were installed in different places as, I believe, they
were dealer-installed.  Depending on location, they can be easy to
replace or not so easy.  If toward the back of the right front fender you
will be able to see the antenna base through the bulkhead.  I was helping
to change one on a 1974 MGB just last weekend. The antenna was there, and
the task was easy.    If it's mounted farther forward the task is harder.
 Best trick I know is to tape the new cable to the old cable so that as
you extract the old one you snake the new one in behind it.   If antenna
is in the rear fender, access is simple.  YMMV
    Where does one go for an antenna?  Not the Radio Shack in Clinton or
Saybrook. They don't carry antennae any more! ("We can order one for you,
Dude").   Nor does the Walmart in Saybrook. Walmart does have them in
Branford and Guilford.  We ended up at Advance Auto, in Clinton, where a
perfect-fit antenna cost $5.99.  (Connecticut) 

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 13:48:45 -0600 "Scott Regel" <>
> How hard is it to replace the radio antenna on a 76 B?  It broke off
> right at the base.  Has anyone had any luck or great results with 
> those
> little black rubber ones?
> Scott 76B Spot

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