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Castor adjustability

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Subject: Castor adjustability
From: "Philip S Jones" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 19:44:56 -0800
Hello listers.  I appreciate this opportunity to appeal to your collective
wisdom.  This message is in regards to my '72 MGBGT.  A while ago I had the
lower A-arms replaced; and when I later switched tires and wheels to try to
address a vibration issue, I noticed a slight but consistent pull to the left.
I checked tire pressure and wear, and even swapped the front tires left and
right; and the pull is still there.  I _think_ that the changing of the tires
is coincidental; and I just happened to notice the pull because I was paying
special attention.  Of course, now that I've noticed it, the pull is
all-consuming; preying on my mind; and I am constantly in mortal fear of a
head-on collision.  It's bugging me!

Well, back to the topic:  I took the GT into a frame and alignment specialty
shop, and had them check both the front and rear.  The rear was fine; and on
the front, the toe-in and camber were both fine, but they said that there was
a difference of 1.25 degrees in the castor - and that there was no
adjustability.  They also said that the frame was straight and they saw no
reason why the castor was different between the two sides.

The questions, then:  does the diagnosis ring true - is this difference in
castor enought to cause the pull?  And is there really no adjustability?  If
so, is it possible that one of the lower A-arms is out of spec, and causing
the problem?  As my friend Hiep Bui used to say, "it making me nut!".  Replies
both on and off list will be appreciated.  Thanks!

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