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Re: 4 lug wheels

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Subject: Re: 4 lug wheels
From: David Deutsch <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 20:14:47 -0500
Subject: RE: 4 lug wheels

Yep.   Just ask Mr. Matching wheels and Top David Deutsch

Saab wheels 79 - 87 work well. I have Saab Inca wheels on my 80 B and get
alot of interesting comments and a few are even positive. Carroll Shelby 8
spoke wheels for the Saab look ALOT like Minilites. All the Saab wheels are
15" x 6" or 6.5" . I run 195x60x14 tires but did have to use a 1/4" spacer
in the rear to prevent rubbing on inner well. The Incas needed shanked lug
nuts. The stock Saab centre caps are in an octagon shape.

I had used some Datsun wheels a few years ago and found that the off set
brought the tires out to far and I needed to shave down to outer wheel well
lip on the rear quarters to minimize rubbing..

My car is pictured on page 22 of the most recent MGB Driver.

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch

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