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Re: Rebuilding S.U.s

Subject: Re: Rebuilding S.U.s
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 18:12:02 EST
"MonteMorris" <> wrote:

<<<Subject: rebuilding SU's

Has anyone rebuilt their SU carbs using the homeade reamer instructions that
appeared in the Sept/Oct edition of MGB Driver?
The reamer reams a 3/8" hole and has a 5/16" guide shaft. You use the shaft as
a guide while reaming one side of the carbs with the trailing end of the
modified reamer.

The question that I have twofold:
    1. Using the method outlined in MGB Driver, has anyone used the Moss
supplied carb shaft bushings (# 372-545) which according to Kelvin is a
"bronze bush measures .3760/OD and .3125/ID. The bush is .75" long".?
    2. If you did use these bushings, did they have to be reamed internally
for the Moss STANDARD throttle shafts? The internal diameter SHOULD be the
same as the supplied shafts, but according the  "Are You Rebuilding Your
Carburetor" insert on page 77 of the newest Moss catalog (which says "press in
the new ones and drill and ream them to fit the new throttle shaft"),  I'm
interpreting this to mean they need to be re-reamed for the standard shafts to
fit. This really doesn't make sense to me so can someone enlighten me?
Monte >>>


Just to clarify, that was in the Sept/Oct 2001 MGB Driver.

I have used this procedure to rebuild the HS4s that came off of my MGB GT. I 
used the bushings Moss sells. As supplied, they are longer than needed and I 
hacksawed off the excess length after I pressed them into place. They still 
then have to be reamed to the needed inner diameter for the throttle shafts. 
The article was written by Jake and Ann Snyder and Ann is on the MG List and 
may offer further comment.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois, U.S.A.

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