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Re: temporary garages

To: "joseph cianciotti" <>
Subject: Re: temporary garages
From: "Tom Bott" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 17:43:02 -0500

I purchased a 10 x 20 from sam's club last spring.  It is great. cost was
$199.00.  Plus I purchased two sets of tie downs at $20 each from lowes
which were made for "arrow" storage bldgs.  I have winds up to 40 mph and no
problems.  the front has 3 heavy duty zippers that can be undone and the
front flaps held up by velcro. The rear stays down all the time, but each
20' long side could be slid up if needed in the summer.  You didn't say what
part of the country you live in but I remember the box was clearly stamped
with "not for snow load", however much snow that is.   (I'm in Florida, so
snow isn't an issue)  You can check them out at  , sold
by a company called Powell & Powell.

Good Luck and keepem' on the road.


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