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What to do first?

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Subject: What to do first?
From: "Mages, Michael" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 08:23:07 -0700

I recently purchased a '72 B at an auction.  Now that it moves in and out of 
the garage under its own power, there are a few things that need done, like new 
paint, new interior and seats, rear suspension, new windshield, minor surface 
rust in the floors, some mysterious electrical problems (thanks for the links 
that you all sent me for this, BTW)...

What I am wondering is:

I am trying to organize the projects into some order that makes sense.  Is 
there any sort of car rehabilitation list that tells you what should get done 
first?  Have you ever said "Geez, I shoulda done X before I did Y."? My guess 
would be the bodywork and painting first, but then you risk scratching up the 
new paint as you do all the other work...  I am not doing a concours (sp?) 
restoration, I just want to get her into good shape for next summer.

Thanks in advance for the good info and insight,


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