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FW: Ugh

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Subject: FW: Ugh
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 11:40:19 -0600
Well, on Saturday, my wife's '98 Volvo V70R decided to self-destruct. The
timing belt came off the idler pulley and chewed it's way through the
(plastic) timing cover. Seems the idler pulley bearing failed - the pulley
disintegrated. The thing that gets me, is that this car has had every
service since new performed at the dealer. I had Borton Volvo replace the
timing belt as part of the 70K service four months and 3,500 miles ago. Of
course, they maintain that their installation was not at all to blame. It's
an interference engine, so the head (at least) is probably toast.

Frustrating when a well-maintained, expensive, and supposedly high-quality
engine can turn itself into scrap with no warning, just a few months after
performing the maintenance that is supposed to prevent this very occurrence.

I'm done with Borton specifically and Volvo in general. Not one more dime of
my money.

MG Content - the near-fatal wounding of the Volvo forced me to drive the
family to the Annual MG club holiday dinner in the Mini. I picked up some
nice trinkets and the Mini held up just fine.

Phil Vanner
'61 Midget (in pieces)
'74 Mini on the road
'92 Festiva
'98 V70R (junk)

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