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RE: The British Car Magazine saga continues

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Subject: RE: The British Car Magazine saga continues
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:41:02 -0600
The thing that gets me is that YESTERDAY in the mail I got a renewal notice
for "British Car."

"your next issue is your last issue unless you renew..."

No, my next issue is THE last issue. Other than this list, I'd never know
that I was about to send a check off FOR A DIFFERENT MAGAZINE. Now I'll have
to ask for the free sample issue to see if I want to re-up. I suspect I'll
like it, but I thought I had a few more coming so I'd have a chance to check
it out.

Phil Vanner

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Subject: The British Car Magazine saga continues

I was told (by confidential sources in Los Altos, CA.) that readers or fans
of The British Car Magazine should remember what the Doctor or Dentist
says.."You won't feel a thing" or in this case hardly notice the change. I'm
just wondering what about my payment of 2 years in advance I'd just plunked
down in November 2002.

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