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Re: Miata seats in MGs - gotta' ask!

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Subject: Re: Miata seats in MGs - gotta' ask!
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 19:00:34 -0800
on 2/15/03 4:44 PM, ptegler@cablespeed at wrote:

> Max... I've got to ask...
> What model 'year' Miata was it?
> There are three seat variations between 1990 and 2002.
> 1990-1993?-94?     1993?94?-1999 and then 2000 on.
> I have 1990-1993?4? style Miata seats in two of my LBC's
> and love BOTH setups.

It's one of the later first-generation body-style Miatas, maybe 97-98? He
leased it, then bought it at the end of the lease because he didn't like the
looks of the new one. It seems to be a fully loaded model -- AC, leather,
gold-tone trim and wheels (puke).
> I can't say I've ever parked my butt on the newer two styles
> but my two installations are very comfortable.
> With the high side bolsters, how can your butt slide around
> in the seat?  tiny buns??  :^)

It's not my butt that slides around (I can hear you saying, "too much
information!"). It's the bottom cushion itself -- it's like one of those
gel-pad bicycle seats. It feels like it's squirming whenever you go over a
bump, or take a corner. Maybe some people think that's good cushioning, but
to me it feels like there's an alien under the seat trying to get out.

And, the seam is right in the middle of where you sit. It's like sitting on
the sofa with your two older brothers -- they make you sit in the middle on
the crack between the cushions (although in this case the seam goes

And since you asked, my buns are becomingly slender...   ;->

> I recently went through the process of modifying the
> seat foams to lower my 'eye/windshield' level and headroom.
> Even now, having cut out a bunch of the foam, l still don't even feel
> the wire frame I (now) know is buried within the foam to 'form' it
> One of my main reasons for the installation was the speakers
> in the headrests.  It vastly simplified having nice tunes
> in the car without having to cut speaker openings.
> Paul Tegler
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> Subject: Miata seats in MGs
>> I have heard a lot on this list from time to time about people fitting
> Miata
>> seats to MGBs. Well, I finally had an opportunity to drive a Miata (late
> 1st
>> gen), and I thought the seats were the worst part of the whole package.
> The
>> backrest was fine, firm and with good lateral support, but the seat
> cushion
>> was extremely strange. It felt like it was squirming around like jello on
>> every little bump, and had a very annoying lateral seam right where it
> could
>> be felt the most -- the seam felt like sitting in an Adirondack chair with
>> one slat missing.
>> This is a relatively low-mileage car, with the original
> not-too-heavyweight
>> owner, so I don't think the seat could be too worn out, and anyway, the
>> passenger seat felt the same, and it's been hardly used. Apparently some
>> people (possibly with different-shaped posteriors) find these seats
>> comfortable, but I personally would rather have my 1966 MG seats any day.
>> Just an observation...


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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