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Re: British Automotive Tranny kit

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Subject: Re: British Automotive Tranny kit
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:23:01 -0800
I am not exactly sure what you're asking, but here is a brief summary of my

I was performing an engine swap on my 66 roadster, when a late model OD
tranny became available (OD in 4th only). So I acquired it, and the new
backplate, flywheel, etc. I bought the tunnel cover from BA, and it worked
very well, although I found that the plastic used was very difficult to cut
with hand tools (you have to cut out the hole for the shifter -- I suppose
this gives you the choice of using the round boot or the oval one).

I have never understood what is meant by "bashing" in this context. You have
to CUT the opening on top of the tunnel, extending it about 2 inches to the
rear, to accommodate the new shifter location (this is the purpose for the
new tunnel cover). But I didn't have to "bash" anything. I think people are
referring to banging out the tunnel side to clear the starter or the
bellhousing somewhere, but I didn't have any interference problems at all.
Perhaps it makes a difference what motor mounts or tranny mount you use. I
don't know.

About the OD switch, if you mean where do you put it, my B already had a
hole in the dash to the left of the instrument cluster. Any generic toggle
switch will work -- I started with a cheesy one from Kragen's, but replaced
it with a used wiper switch for consistent styling. This hole, BTW, seemed
like it was a factory cutout, that perhaps had been filled with a blanking
plug -- to the further left of it was an obviously PO-cut hole (who knows
what for) which I filled with a spare ignition warning light unit, as an "OD
warning light" to help me remember to switch the OD off. I wired the lamp to
be on whenever the dash switch was on (regardless of whether the OD was
engaged, as controlled by the lockout switch); the idea being to prevent the
scenario where one would forget that the OD switch was on, since the tranny
would automatically drop out of OD when one downshifted, and then upon
shifting up one would suddenly find acceleration terminated by the

on 2/17/03 10:55 PM, Glenn Schnittke at wrote:

> Has anyone here played with the Trans tunnel cover supplied by British
> Automotive?
> The first gear cluster in my '67 redcar (daily driver) just bit the dust.
> While I was planning on swapping to the trans & OD from the '69 eventually,
> I was figuring on cutting the tunnel out of the primrose for use and doing
> all the bodywork (it needs rockers as well) at once - six or nine months
> from now, instead of NOW. My friend Ray has an early crashbox he can loan
> me, but I'd like to find out about the tunnel cover BA has and whether it's
> worth taking the extra time to do the swap now as opposed to later. I get
> the idea from the information on their site that there's still some bashing
> involved. I have the engine with later backplate, starter motor to fit,
> flywheel, speedo & cable, oil filter adapter is already installed, already
> changed out the genny to later alternator, etc. It's mostly the bashing I'm
> interested in.
> And I still haven't heard about anyone with a design for the OD switch.
> Thoughts?
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Max Heim
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If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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