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Re: Cellpadding - not from me!

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Subject: Re: Cellpadding - not from me!
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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 16:55:40 -0500
Well that's interesting....  a 'cellpadding' email
came to my mail box (work address) that I picked up from home
today. It was an empty email... with NO attachement.

My work server filters viruses,trojans, etc before they are
distributed to the employees boxes.
AND... I never responded to it to begin with, nor did I, or do I...
have a virus on any of my home 5 network machines.

So... as usual...this had to have come from someone's
machine that had my email address in their address list.
Paul Tegler  (home)(among others)     (work)

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> ptegler wrote:
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> Now, aren't we glad the list doesn't accept attachments?
> (this would have been a virus if it had lived)
> -- 
> Eric
> '68MGB MkII
> Adelaide, South Australia

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