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Re: Front Valance colors

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Subject: Re: Front Valance colors
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 11:48:22 -0700
Period color photos showing details of production cars are pretty rare. The
cars shown at the auto shows of the time were also "dolled up" and aren't
necessarily good references.

If you read the text and the detailed timeline in the back of Clausager,
it's a good reference. But I agree, I wish they had vetted the photos
better. There is also a "bias" toward UK spec cars in the photos, in that
some US variants aren't well documented.

on 5/12/03 11:18 AM, Dan DiBiase at wrote:

> Hmm, never thought abut that, Chuck, I always assumed that the cars used
> for the photos in Original MGB were selected for just that reason - they
> were 'original' or restored to 'original' specs.... Which of the many
> books has 'period pictures of then-new cars'.?
> Thx...
>> Which is my main gripe with Clausager's book.  Many of those pictures
>> are obviously restored examples, instead of period pictures of then-new
>> cars.  


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