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Re: concrete oil stain cleaner

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Subject: Re: concrete oil stain cleaner
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 13:29:54 -0700
We call that "kitty litter"... <g>.

The old-style clay-based kitty litter was a reasonable oil absorbent. But
the newfangled "clumping" and "crystal" types are completely useless, and
create an even bigger mess, so be careful. Auto and hardware stores usually
carry bags of clay-based oil absorbent, which resemble kitty litter, but are
much better adapted to the task, and clean up much easier.

But the purpose of an absorbent is to clean up a liquid spill. This is a
different problem than bleaching out an old stain. For that I have used a
powdered cleaner which you scrub into a wet driveway using a broom, and let
sit. This worked reasonably well on 70-year-old concrete. I imagine this
formula contained bleach, as well.

on 5/15/03 1:06 PM, Hans Duinhoven at wrote:

> My eldest son spoiled oil from his moped on our floor.
> We have covered it with the stuff, which is used on the floor in the cat's
> pee-house - sorry for my ignorance don't know the right word....
> It seems to absorb m,ost of the staines.
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT
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> Subject: Re: concrete oil stain cleaner
>>    I haven't tried the product you asked about but I have used Tide
>> laundry detergent granules on concrete.  I used to wet the oil spot and
>> sprinkle on the Tide.  Then let it sit overnight, sweep and hose it off
>> in the morning.  I once left it on too long and wound up with a lighter
>> spot than the surrounding area.  I think it's the bleach that does the
>> whitening.
>>    Cheers,
>>     CR
>> Aubrey Schneider wrote:
>>> Hi Listers,
>>> I have, as I believe a fairly common challenge of cleaning oil spots
> from my
>>> driveway & concrete garage floor.
>>> SNIP
>>> It is, according to the blurb, bio-degradable & phosphate free & is sold
>>> under the name Pour-N-Restore.
>>> Anyone have any experience with it?
>>> Thanks
>>> Aubrey 75B


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