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I'm baacckkk

Subject: I'm baacckkk
From: william houser <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 22:38:38 -0400
Greetings listers,
Well, here we are in lovely warm Florida and I can't begin to tell you 
of all the MG activity going on down here. This past Saturday we went to 
a British Car breakfast not 5 minutes from the house. Meet all kinds of 
wonderful folks. Joined their group, the Suncoast Classic MG Club. So 
now, I belong to 3 new clubs,  this one and the Florida Suncoast MG Car 
Club, Inc and the Classic MG Club out of Orlando. The latter being a 
T-register club.
Am I having fun yet? Just as soon as I get the paperwork from JC Taylor 
, who are dragging their feet to no end. what a mess this turned into 
after being with them for 39 years, then having to first prove my 
regular cars have insurance down here, then having to cancel my NY 
insurance then reapplying for FL insurance and starting all over from 
Sheriif's office has to come over , check the VIN's , fill out a form 
that I take to the DMV.
New week tomorrow,
Dave Houser (William)

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