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Re: 12 volt B battery size?

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: 12 volt B battery size?
From: dave houser <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:44:26 -0400
David and others,
I have had that group 26 in my 64 B  and 67BGT Special and while it is 
tight, it works well inside that plastic case. Also, while on this 
subject, let me suggest again everyone put a cutoff switch like the ones 
in Hemmings for about $15-20. It acts as an anti theft and if you get 
some Lucas smoke, you shut things down with a flick of the wrist rather 
than struggle to get the metal battery cover off. Put it right behind 
the passenger's seat.
Dave Houser

David Councill wrote:

> I used the Sears DieHard Group 26 with a pullhandle. I also have the 
> plastic battery box, and the group 26 is a snug fit. That is why the 
> handle is critical for easy removal.
> As far as dimensions, I think the 26 or any other battery that fits is 
> going to be similar in size to the 19L. This is the 6 volt battery 
> used by the old VW bug. In case you need to look up sizes. Back in the 
> old days, maybe 20 or so years ago, I at one time substituted the 19L 
> for the 17HF 6 volters as the 19L was more common. And it seemed like 
> it had a bit more power. But it was hell pulling them in and out of 
> the battery bins, not like the much looser fitting 17HFs.
> My 67 BGT still uses the 2 17HF six volters. My 72B is my tester for 
> the 12 volt, group 26. I'll see how it works when it gets back down to 
> 20 below zero in about four or five months.
> David Councill
> 67 BGT
> 72 B
> At 08:28 AM 7/14/2003 -0500, Paul T. Root wrote:
>> I think it's a group 24.
>> I got a new battery this past spring from Interstate. Go to their
>> website, they put dimensions in for all batteries.  Of course, they have
>> different names for sizes. I think I got the MT-25. 9x6.88x8.75 inches.
>> 690 Cranking, 550 Cold Cranking.

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