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Re: If you were designing your ultimate toolbox for the

To: Barney Gaylord <>
Subject: Re: If you were designing your ultimate toolbox for the
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 12:17:16 -0500
Barney Gaylord wrote:
> At 12:51 PM 7/16/03 -0500, Charles Robinson wrote:
>>  I have towing insurance.  It covers my RV and other cars.  They'll 
>> bring gas, change a tire or tow the vehicle, essentially to where you 
>> want them to, within 100 miles.  It costs less than $100 a year.
> I have been having an extended off-list chat about value judgenents.  I 
> dunno if I want to pay $1000 for added insurance over the next 10 years.

    Barney, if you ever have to use towing insurance to bring your RV in 
to the shop, you'll recoup the insurance cost in one fell swoop.  Now, 
on the B or my other cars, I've never personally had to have them come 
get me.  I've alway been able to get it going myself.  However, Peggy 
was on a solo trip a couple of years ago, when she had t get a tow near 
West Memphis.  It has been worth every penny.

>> You call them up, tell a 800 #, tell them where you are and they 
>> dispatch the needed service, no charge.  A cell phone is much better 
>> than having to go find a phone,
> Oh yeah.  That was the meat of the value judgement of the cell phone.  
> Add another $2500 or so for the cost of the cell phone over the next 10 
> years, unless you think it's free because you already have it for other 
> reasons.

    We use a Tracfone on the road.  There's no monthly charge and we own 
the phone.  When we go on the road, we buy a prepaid card and activate 
the phone.  It's good for 30 - 90 days depending on how many minutes we 
buy and if we don't use the minutes up, they carry over when we 
reactivate the phone.  We don't gab on the cell; it's for emergencies. 
I bought the thing when Peg was commuting to San Antonio to teach at a 
JC down there, 130 miles round trip.

>> .... when the RV broke something unfixable on the road. I was towing 
>> the B, so I unhooked it and went to a phone. ....
> Now there's a capital idea!  Tow an RV behind your MG for emergency 
> use.  (Well, maybe a Miata).

   Good grief, Charlie Brown......  ;^)



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