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Re: MG Junkyard

Subject: Re: MG Junkyard
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 23:20:43 -0500 wrote:

> Hey, I am sorry I have not participated more  on this list. But now I
> am looking for a junkyard around Salt Lake city that has MGs,
> Particularly the '1500's. Well, please tell me if you know where one
> is. Thanks, Marty

It's a long way from Utah, but my friend Ken has three B's plus some
extra parts at his online salvage yard, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do 
the web pages for him so I have seen the cars. He was hoping to sell 
them as rebuilders, since he likes MG's and hated to break them, but 
lately he is beginning to be willing to part them out. If you need any 
lighter, easy to ship stuff, his WATTS line is: 1 (800) 447-2886 and his 
email is in case you would like to call 
tollfree or email and inquire.

I don't make anything out of these phone or online sales except in the
case of the occasional car I sell for him on eBay. Hope I haven't broken
any rules here; just wanted to share a resource with you.

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