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OT: Power of the the Auction

Subject: OT: Power of the the Auction
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 05:50:55 EDT
I don't know what it is about the human condition that causes it but I can't 
wait to see what the final auction price is for the following item:

The seller describes it as NOS Triumph Jaguar MGB XKE MG TR7 Damper Oil, and 
the current high bidder (as of 5:30 am) bids $21.50. With shipping, that;ll 
come to almost $25!!!!!!   

So, I can call up my regular Moss distributor and get it for under $7.00, or 
I can get caught up in auction and pay 4 TIMES WHAT IT IS WORTH.  And many 
will argue that even that is unnecessary, as any motor oil, trans fluid, sewing 
machine oil will work.

And what exactly is "NOS" damper oil????  Does it improve with age like a 
fine wine?

Excuse me know, I've just finished breweing the morning tea, and need to go 
list the used bags on e-Bay.......... I can see the listing now (gently used 
brewing apparatus for infamous English beverage.  This traditional classic item 
is ready for you to use or display in your own home.  Priority shipping 
available for $4.95.  Opening bid $5.99.  Buy it now $14.95)
Steve in NJ

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