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Another Running car

To: James Nazarian <>
Subject: Another Running car
From: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:55:36 -0400
James Nazarian wrote:

> I got the car running again.

My compliments to James for allowing me to help him get MY 1974 MGB-GT running
again. I put a new battery in, and got her running on plugs 1&2. We then cleaned
some of the most nasty 10 year old goo out of the SU's, then fired her up again
so she ran then on all four. That's father-son teamwork: Dad, 1&2; son, 3&4.
Excellent to hear her rumble again after so long.

'Twasn't enough! James did a few minutes of diagnostics, found a cracked fuse
block, a bad connection here and there, and took a look at the overdrive that 
never worked in this car since I bench tested it over 15 years ago. James pulled
the OD solenoid, found the cause of the electrical discontinuity, cleaned some
oxidation from the contacts, allowed me to solder the coil connector back in
place, put the assembly back together, and proceeded to make an OverDrive happen
for the first time since I installed the tranny in this car!

What I learned from this experience is the meaning of the word ecstatic! I am
thrilled to FINALLY have OVERDRIVE in my GT. I highly recommend to you all 
a son who loves MG's as much as you do, but one who is a far more intuitive and
skilled mechanic than you will ever be. Thank you, James. I've done my best to
make you blush, but son or no son, you are really, really good, and I am very,
very proud!

Jim (The OLDER one...) (aka Dad)
1960 MGA 1600 Very Red
1974 MGB-GT Damask (Very Burgundy) Red

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