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Re: Virus from list member?

To: Bill <>
Subject: Re: Virus from list member?
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 02:04:20 +1030
> Bill wrote:
> If you are getting that many per day, I'm going to stop moaning and
> just keep hitting the delete key!  I can manage my 30-40 per day, but
> I don't need 1,000!

But remember, the address I am talking about is
(that I get copies of - on top of the mail sent to me from the infected
people with my address in their addressbook).  Remember, all of our
customers will probably have that in their address books so with a
couple of hundred infected customers we will get slammed.  And the virus
seems also to like sending mail to so we are
getting bounces back from all over the world as well as infected mail
targeted right at us.

What a waste of time and resources (anyone every feel like going back to
the days of lynch parties???).

Adelaide, South Australia

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