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Fake NOS Parts on eBay

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Subject: Fake NOS Parts on eBay
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 00:17:03 -0400
Just a heads up to eBay hunters on the lists.

It seems that a certain company in Rhode Island _may be_ selling parts as
NOS which are not genuine NOS parts.  The dead giveaway clue on many of
their auctions are the photoshopped (digitally altered and manipulated)
images of the NOS box placed next to the so called NOS part, with an obvious
misproportion between box and part size relatively noticeable.  The shadow
lines are also photoshopped on the parts and the background of the images is
pure white.

Why am I being so cautious about the words I am using?  Because this company
reproduces many of the same parts they are claiming to be NOS and actually
supplies Moss, TRF and Victoria British.  I find it odd that the NOS parts
they offer are offered at the same prices, or less, than one of their
reproduction pieces.  Their supply of the same NOS parts seems inexhaustible
as the auctions frequently repeat every 2-3 weeks.  However, I have made a
single purchase from this company a number of years back and I did receive
an NOS product (albeit for a very rare item that I paid handsome money for).

So if you're going to purchase an NOS part on eBay make sure 1) you receive
the NOS box with the component when you take delivery 2) otherwise have
confirmable proof that it is an NOS product, like a factory parts sticker
which is physically adhered to the product.

Ever notice how those slimy budget car dealers on the bad side of town
frequently change their names?  So if you're dealing with a company that has
two names for themselves and both companies deal in the same
industry/service, it is a rather blatant clue that you should probably not
give them any of your money.   For more specific info check out:


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