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Re: Turnabout is fair play...

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Subject: Re: Turnabout is fair play...
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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 21:13:41 -0500
To an uninformed alien, it might have looked as if the Plymouth had given
birth and the B was still attached by the umbilical cord; or possibly the B
was nursing off the Plymouth.

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Subject: Turnabout is fair play...

> OK, I've got one of those ironic situations to report.  Conventional
> (not mine), LBC's are supposed to have electrical gremlins, right?  And
> US-manufactured cars are (same conventional wisdom) supposed to be
> glitch-free.  Well, imagine the sight of a red '67 MGB with jumper cables
> CHARGING THE BATTERY IN A PLYMOUTH when the alternator quit!  Yep, I
> my 17 year old out when his (formerly mine) Plymouth became electrically
> challenged.  Yee haw!  I got more folks stopping and commenting on my B,
> guy even commented on the irony.  It was a hoot!
> F. J. (Lane) MacFarlane
> Houston, TX
> '67 MGB (electron donor!)

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