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Subject: Re: Wheels
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 21:55:05 +1030
Carl Elliott wrote:
> Neighbor has a Datsun 240Z , Body is shot, Rot. Wheels are nice same lug
> measurements as the B . Has anyone put a set on the B. Tires would be
> 185s or 195s .Are spacers or longer lugs needed. Carl E.

What size rims are they.  I have played with Z car rims on my car for sprints.

I am not sure if you can get the Z car rims in 14" but the ones I got
were the "lattice" style rims, 15 x 5.5" - and I put very large
205x60x15 Bridgstone Potenza 540S (Japanese import, soft compound tyres
- often mistakenly called "semi-slick") tyres.

I had to "modify" the some standard wheel nuts because the rims need a
chamfer to fit into and "centre" in the holes - otherwise you won't have
enough lug to screw on to (and the original nuts from the 240Z are the
wrong thread).  The modified nuts worked a treat - nothing too difficult.

I had to use shims on the inside of the rear tyres to centre them but
under mormal street driving they never made contact with inside or
outside wheel arches. No widening or rolling of the wheel arches.

In competition with extreme cornering (and a small "dip") they made
contact with the inside of the wheel arch and "polished" the ends of the
front sway-bar.  

Using less "extreme" rubber would solve that problem - I don't think
they would make contact.

After playing with them for a few events I decided against any further
use of them.  The 15" diameter gives you lousy acceleration from
stop/slow and the combination of big rims and very big tyres was an
additional weight I could not justify (the suspension hated the weight, too).

I am going back to my old 14" rostyle rims with same tyres but in 195x60 size.

Oh yeah - the 15" rims make the car (even lowered) look like a
rollerskate - and these are the tyres that blocked anough airflow to the
front brakes to cause them to get hot enough to warp under a few laps of
very hard braking.

Of course - YMMV (especially if they aren't 15" rims :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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