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Re: air filters

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Subject: Re: air filters
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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 22:58:47 -0600
No I'm not sure about the choke adjustment. I'll need to revisit that the
next time in the garage. As  soon as I thought I had the carbs tuned, I
backed the timing down to 10 degrees BTDC at 1500 RPM as the specs for the
79 call for. I then retuned the carbs. I took it out for a 5 mile spin, and
it is real "doggy". I'll check the choke mechanism first. Looking down at
the jets, the front carb's jet is significantly higher than the rear's. This
should probably not be the case since the carbs are rebuilt and shafted.
I'll check these again, too. I also found that the battery is pretty much
shot after sitting around all winter and most of the summer.
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Subject: Re: air filters

> I've heard that on some vehicles you should do the final adjustments with
> the air filters in place. How you could do that with the standard MG air
> cleaners I have no idea. It might conceivably be possible with your
> Are you sure your choke is adjusted correctly?
> AFAIK only K&N filters need to be oiled.
> on 10/27/03 5:02 PM, MonteMorris at wrote:
> > Do the foam accessory air filters (not K&N) sold by Moss need oiled?
> > Could installing them after tuning the carbs make the mixture overly
> > After installing and fine tuning the HIF's and having the car
> > fine for over an hour, I reinstalled the air filters and the next day
> > car started only with the choke clear out and died when it was pushed
> > in. Plugs were black with soot.
> >
> > Monte
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> Max Heim
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> If you're near Mountain View, CA,
> it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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