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Re: viable replacement for stock jack

To: Aaron Whiteman <>
Subject: Re: viable replacement for stock jack
From: dave houser <>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 12:02:41 -0500
Head to a scrap yard and claim a Honda jack for your MG. they collapse 
down where you can get the base under a front pan or under the rear 
spring mount if you had a flat tire. Also works fine at the jacking 
point if you angle the base a bit.
dave Houser

Aaron Whiteman wrote:

> Spring has finally sprung on the Palouse, and while the college kids 
> are off on break, I decided it was time to put the winter tires away.  
> Actually doing so was a comedy of errors culminating in one broken MG 
> jack.
> Moss wants $150 for a new one.  I don't care *that* much for 
> originality, are there good (yet cheaper) jack solutions out there 
> that will actually work?
> It may be moot anyway, since I am thinking about just dropping my 
> spare and getting those fix-a-flat type cans instead.  If I do this, I 
> will have a catastrophic failure within 2 weeks, at the worst possible 
> moment.

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