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Re: Hello again, list- I Need Laycock OD Advice

To: John Di Fede <>
Subject: Re: Hello again, list- I Need Laycock OD Advice
From: dave houser <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 10:33:25 -0500
I recommend John Esposito at Quantum highly. he rebuilt the OD in my 67 
BGT. You are not far from Monroe CT anyway. Loosing part of the clutch 
friction material is not a good thing. Hence your sluggish shifting.
Dave Houser

John Di Fede wrote:

>Hello all, 
>It's been a while since I've been on this list, probably going on 2 1/2 years. 
> I hope all are well.  
>Is Barney Gaylord out there?  
>I hope someone can help me with this LH overdrive question.  Yesterday I set 
>out to drain my tranny and OD to correct a sluggish shifting condition I had 
>at the end of last season.  Since I hadn't performed any maintenance on my 
>trans in a dogs age, I thought that a cleaning of my OD sump screen was all I 
>needed to do.  Well I pulled the OD sump and found a 1 inch piece of friction 
>material in the sump.  According to my shop manuals, it looks to be a piece of 
>the friction material which came away from the sliding clutch within the OD.  
>It has a curved shape and a hole where it was riveted to the sliding clutch.
>Ok my first thought was to disassemble the OD and find someone to reline the 
>clutch.  My second thought was damn, I have to pull the engine and trans to 
>get to the OD!!!!  Oh #%^&*@.
>So what if I don't do anything and continue to drive the car, can I do any 
>additional damage?  Can anyone suggest where I might get a relined OD clutch.  
>What about rebuilding the OD?  How difficult to do and are special tools 
>required?   Or is it best to pay the money and get a rebuilt unit.  There is a 
>place nearby in Connecticut, Quantum Mechanics which specializes in English 
>transmission and OD repair.  
>Any and all advice will be appreciated!  
>John Di Fede
>Hopewell Junction, NY  12533
>73 MGB

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