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Re: Cam and idle problems

To: Jerry Erbesfield <>,
Subject: Re: Cam and idle problems
From: David Ambrose <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 10:26:50 -0800
Bill Miller wrote:
> I cannot get my B to idle well.
> I bought this at the last winter to be my daily driver.
> I do believe that the problem is the cam in this rebuilt engine.
> Does anyone know what a DEL-671 KC Fast Street Cam is???
        I have a "Kent Fast Road Cam" in my 69 BGT. It idles just fine on dual 
SU's. The idle is just a little bit rougher than the stock cam and the 
boost in midrange power is well worth the tradeoff.

> At one point it is listed as a Rally Cam, at another point of as a street
> cam.  And another that lists the part above.
> I cannot get the Weber DGEV to idle at all, and at this point I think the
> cam has too much overlap to idle smooth at a decent rpm.
        I suspect the carb more than the cam. You have to get into full race 
cams before the idle gets gets so lumpy that it won't.

> Anyone have the specs on this cam or any ideas how to get adjust the carb to
> idle???

        I'm not a Weber expert, but if the engine is running well at other 
RPM's look at the idle circuit in the carb. Make sure the passages are 
open, and that it has the proper jets.

        A colortune will tell you if the engine has the proper mixture.

        Dave Ambrose

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