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'64 & '73 MGB Title and ID plates for sale

To: mgb-v8 <>, MGs <>
Subject: '64 & '73 MGB Title and ID plates for sale
From: Kevin & Deana Brown <>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 10:50:55 -0500
I have the Title and ID plates from a 1964 MGB (GHN3L/27935) and from a 
1973 MGB (manufactured 8/72 GHN5UD295349 G  commission number 062357) 
for sale.  I got these several years ago with some project cars that 
have longs since been scrapped.  The titles are both in my name 
(Missouri USA titles) and are clear and are ready to be transferred with 
just my signature.  The ID plates are in good original condition but are 
clearly not brand new.  The ID plates for the '73 include the driver 
side door plate (very good condition), the ID plate that goes on the 
dash under the windshield (somewhat faded) and the commission number 
plate from under the hood on the inner fender (very faded).  I am asking 
$150 for the '64 Title and ID plate and $100 for the '73 Title and ID 
plates.  Thanks.


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