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TD water pump

Subject: TD water pump
From: dave houser <>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 18:54:39 -0400
Any body find a good source and good price for a water pump for a 53 TD? 
Or should I just get to Moss? I'm in sunny Florida, north of Tampa. Mine 
packed in about 8 miles from home coming back from the Palm Coast GOF 
today. It was caught right away from a friend right behind who noticed 
the antifreeze coming out. . Temp never even rose to tip me off there 
was a prob. brewing. Glad I had my tow line and glad my wife took the 
Frontier Crew Cab with parts I had to sell. She amazed me by her first 
successful towing of an MG. Slow on the starts, easy on the braking and 
it's in the garage. I know it was telling me that it's her time for some 
TLC. The start to this 150 mile trip wasn't the best, either. Some OF 
forgot to put his one off aluminum billet machined oil cap back in and 
went off for gasoline. Then when same OF arrived at the departure point 
to caravan over, he complained about some jerk he was behind burning oil 
and smelling up the air. He went to get a friend a pliers from the 
engine tool bin and discovered oil everywhere!.
Quick fix was an MGB plastic one that was a tight fit in. Should have 
realized something more sinister was afoot. But the good news is she's 
home and fixable,

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