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Re: Vibratory Tumblers.

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Subject: Re: Vibratory Tumblers.
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Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 10:32:42 -0700
Alternatively, throw every bit of your car's hardware and miscellaneous
brackets into a box and take (or ship) it to a plating company that does
bright silver cadmium plating. They'll take care of the cleaning and give
you back everything looking nice and shiny, almost like new. All for
(typically) under $100....

British Sportscar Center
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Subject: Vibratory Tumblers.

> After years of dormancy due to health problems, I have moved
> some of my MGA project out of storage and into the garage.
> Even though I plan to take it slow, I figured the project
> will go faster than it did with all the stuff in my freind's
> barn  :)
> Anyway, I bought this vibratory tumbler from Eastwood.  It
> was advertised to remove rust from bolts quickly.
> The one I bought is the light duty one that comes with the
> green plastic pyramid media and some brown "dry shine"
> media.  I fooled around with it working on fender bolts and
> washers (using green media).  It doesn't seem to work very
> well.  I tried varying the amount of hardware I put into it.
>  But it doesnt seem to matter.
> I wonder if I am expecting too much from it.  Maybe the idea
> is to throw five or ten bolts in there and let it run for a
> week or two -- or a couple of months maybe.  Then maybe it
> would make the bolts shiney.  Do you think?
> Anybody have an opinion on these things?
> I gave up and used an electrolysis set up (battery charger,
> soda and water solution).  That takes the rust off but
> leaves the parts coated in a "black colored rust" that is
> not fun to get off either.
> Next step for me may be muriatic acid and water solution.
> If that becomes a nuisance, maybe I'll quit screwing around
> and just order new bolts and washers from Todd Clarke.
> Thanks for enduring my rambling rant.
> Paul Hammarstedt
> MGA basket cases

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