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72B No title no comm.plate. Advise please

Subject: 72B No title no comm.plate. Advise please
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 00:41:22 EDT
Hi List: I have located a pretty nice 72B with no rust. Needs some  
restoration, but certainly doable(?).
Negative is, do to the p.o. skipping town on the man that is selling  
it,(before papers were sent) there are no id tags or paper work. The car  was 
in for 
painting when sold, so all tags were removed. A bill of sale is with  the cars 
present owner, and of course he will give me one.
I know I could probably "make a tag", but I don't feel that this is  p[roper, 
even on an old car like this.
I am concerned that I could end up with a salvage title only. I am going to  
DMV tomorrow and discuss it with them.
Do any of you have any thoughts about this?
Dennis Barr
Medford, Oregon
1974CBB just finished

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