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Re: Hot weather overheating

Subject: Re: Hot weather overheating
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 09:55:38 -0400
THANK YOU!  Did not know this....I'll check and see which type I'm using
and switch if need be.   

On Fri, 28 May 2004 20:55:57 -0400 <> writes:
> Phil Bacon,   67' MGBGT, 72' TR6 wrote:
> :  I added an overflow bottle to my 67' BGT because
> :  Glycol is almost instant death
> : for a cat (or dog), and it has an attractive sweet smell which 
> animals
> : like.
> Don't give them Hershey's chocolate as propylene glycol is an 
> ingredient.
> Food science at it's best.  The reduced toxicity is why propylene 
> glycol is
> used in pet friendly antifreeze in place of it's cousin ethylene 
> glycol.
> Just adding an extra C and H makes all the difference.
> Bill (no pets) King
> 59A with C2H6O2 in the radiator

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