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FW: Fuel Pump

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Subject: FW: Fuel Pump
From: "Lew Palmer" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 18:49:47 -0500
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Subject: RE: Fuel Pump

After years of neglect (who wants to crawl under a dirty car to fix it) the
fuel pump will typically start to crud up its points from arcing, dirt, etc.
The springs also weaken worsening the situation. This combined with a rubber
diaphragm which stiffens, will cause the pump to be sluggish. Rapping it is
a temporary measure to sometimes jar the points back into action.

Sometimes I think I have the perfect Lucas tool kit - a fist-sized rock!

Seriously though, I rebuild all MG fuel pumps using all new SU parts (and I
mean ALL). If it moves or seals, I replace it. Contact me off list for
address and quotes, but I do the job for well less than a replacement.

Lew Palmer

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Subject: Fuel Pump

Hi Everyone,
Why does hitting your fuel pump with the end of a screwdriver make it
work, is it just the points or more.  1976 MGB.

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