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High-performance MGA radiators

Subject: High-performance MGA radiators
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 17:19:12 EDT
Research over the past few days to find a replacement radiator for my MGA 
race car surfaced the following alternatives, if anyone is interested.

Kelvin Dodd reports that the replacement (reproduction) radiator now being 
sold by Moss for the MGAs incorporates several improvements over the previous 
version they had been selling (someone on the racing list had reported that the 
previous version had some problems) and he believes it is as, or more, 
efficient that the original stock radiator. My Moss catalog shows that radiator 
$229.95. However, he doesn't have any information on how effective it would be 
in a racing application.

Cloverleaf Auto Services ( can recore a stock MGA 
radiator with a heavy-duty core that significantly increases its cooling 
efficiency for racing for a cost of $650 (plus $100 if they have a used MGA 
to use and you don't supply one).

Ron Davis Racing Products ( in Glendale, AZ, has 
given me a quote of $616 plus shipping, to make a new aluminum radiator to the 
specs I've provided from my old aluminum radiator, which matches the standard 
mounting brackets and hose positions of the MGA radiator.

Gary Anderson

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