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Re: whistling brakes

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Subject: Re: whistling brakes
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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:52:37 -0700
Hi, Bill,

If the whistle really is coming from the brake booster, the greater problem
(beyond the slight loss of brake boost - not a danger unless you have really
weak legs!) is that your mixture is being weakened quite markedly. There's a
rubber seal around the pushrod that projects from the rear of the master
cylinder into the booster. If this seal has cracked or perished, then the
booster is not working as effectively as possible and the hose to the
manifold is, in effect, leaking and weakening the mixture. You'll need to
unbolt the m/cyl from the booster and check the seal (or the pipe and
one-way valve in the booster) and fix any leaks you find. Sadly, if it is
the rubber boot on the back of the m/cyl that's gone bad, replacements are
not available from any source I know of. They do come on the new master
cylinders, though.......!

British Sportscar Center
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Subject: whistling brakes

> Hi Listers,
>     My brakes have started to whistle at me.  And I am no prettier than I
was a
> year ago...probably less so.
> From under the hood, the whistle seems to be coming from the brake booster
> MGB) or near it. When I turn the key, it is loud and nearly continuous.
> warming up, it whistles only when I exert pressure on the brake pedal,
> or not I am moving.  It is not a squicky squeel.
> Two questions:  if this indicates a vacuum leak in the brake booster, will
> affect my braking other than to make it harder?
> How do I repair this problem?  If it is the brake booster, where do I find
> to repair it?  Otherwise, any clues as to how to diagnose?
> Many thanks,
> Bill
> '76B

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