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Re: Stubborn Camshaft

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Subject: Re: Stubborn Camshaft
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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 21:27:23 -0700

Make sure two of your pistons are at top dead center. It's possible your
center or rear cam journal is hitting a connecting rod. If the rods are
straight up and down, there's no possible interference with the cam.

British Sportscar Center
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Subject: Stubborn Camshaft

> Gents,
> I'm having a problem pulling the camshaft out of my 79 B.  The head is
> the tappets and pushrods are out, the distributor and drive spindle are
out as
> is the oil pump and it's drive shaft.  The camshaft locating plate is off.
> When I try to pull the camshaft out, I get a metallic clank and it stops.
> am getting 25/1000ths of motion before it stops.  What am I missing?
> The metallic clank seems to be coming from the area of the back half of
> shaft.  I hate to get heavy handed and try forcing things, but I am at a
> Any ideas?
> This probably has absolutely nothing to do with the problem, but the
> on #1 and #3 exhaust were sticking and had to be tapped through from
> underneath.  At first try to remove the cam, I pulled these two tappets up
> until they stuck in place at a point where they had no contact with the
> lobe when the camshaft was turned 360 degrees.  Tapping them out later
made no
> difference.  Also, the face of these two tappets and those corresponding
> on the cam shaft are pitted.  They are the only two defaced and the only
> that didn't come out easily from above.  Thoughts here?
> Thanks,
> Larry Daniels
> 79 MGB LE

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