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Re: Oil for Overdrive Transmission

To: Zach Dorsch <>,
Subject: Re: Oil for Overdrive Transmission
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 13:11:39 -0500
Zach Dorsch wrote:

> Something that I have heard about synthetic oil in an old motor is
> that it will start leaking oil due to the synthetic cleaning so well
> and be so "slippery".  Has anyone else heard this or actually seen
> this happen?
> I ask because I have thought about switching to synthetic because my
> car sits so long (usually several months or more).  I assume that the
> synthetic would not break down and help reduce wear on startup.

I was told not to use it (Valvoline synthetic) in the Cooper S, since it 
was claimed that it would leak past the big crank seal and ruin the 
clutch. I tried it anyway, after a good break-in period, on the new 
rebuild back in 1999. Never had any problems with it: no clutch 
slippage, no bad leaks.

Since then, I have had another rebuild and am running regular Valvoline 
in the engine now. I may go back to the synthetic after a suitable 
period of time.

Tentatively planning to run synthetic in the Victor and MGA once they 
are all finished.

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