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Re: Wheel Bearing grease AMSOIL GLC GC-LB

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Subject: Re: Wheel Bearing grease AMSOIL GLC GC-LB
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 01:12:47 -0400
Howard Battan wrote:

> Along that line, what is the consensus on Amsoil products as a
> whole? Are they really good products, or not. It seems an awful lot
> like a pyramid marketing organization to me, but they quote good
> technical numbers for their products.

The only Amsoil product I would consider buying, because it is a rather
common technology, is their by-pass remote filter setup.  It consists of a
dual filter oil adaptor (mounted remotely) with a conventional style oil
filter that filters all of the oil and then a filter that is capable of
filtering even smaller particles than normal filters can.  Obviously when
you are limiting oil flow, you increase pressure in the system (prior to
that point), the by-pass filter setup eliminates this by this by only
filtering 10% of any given oil flow through that second filter.

Is it worthwhile for your street cars or races cars, absolutely not, a
massive waste of $125.  Does it meet Amsoil's claims of filtering out stuff
below the 5 micron range, most likely it does just that.  It just is not
useful enough for a car.

>From what I gather, you're right Howard, Amsoil's marketing strategy is to
gain customers through overwhelming volume of exposure.  A search of
something as generic as "synthetic oil" (Yahoo) yields AMSOIL related
websites for over 75% of the presented links on the first page of results,
and AMSOIL reps also have all of the paid sponsor links at the top.

AMSOIL oils and their product literature also carry an impressive array of
testing credentials (SJ SL VW501.01... etc).  A closer look reveals that
AMSOIL merely recommends their oils for use in applications that specify
those standards of oil, not that AMSOIL was able to pass and gain those
credentials based on the performance of their oil.

Their tests are BS too... it is all data slanted to display AMSOIL in the
best light possible.  Where are the 24-48-64 hour Ford 2.3L V6 Valvetrain
durability test results (part of the criteria for SAE SJ lubrication
standards).  Some of their tests are as inane as the Lucas Oil Stabilizer
plastic gear display at your local auto parts store (btw, don't use that
crap either in your gearbox).

If it smells like sh*t, tastes like sh*t and looks like sh*t... well you
would have to be pretty dumb to listen to a company that recommends 12k-15k
mile regular oil change intervals... are they going to pay to rebuild your
motor if you follow their intervals and something does get damaged as a
result of dirty oil or oil that can no longer perform lubricating and
cooling functions?  When you see OEMs recommending 12k-15k, then you'll know
lubrication technology has been able to develop oils that last that long,
because afterall the OEMs don't like replacing engines for free and I
personally don't like the idea of risking an engine I would have to rebuild
(like my TR6 motor) to some AMSOIL snakeoil.

If it sounds like I am all riled up over this issue, it is because I am.
There are no magical oils or magical greases, use any of the name brands you
can buy in the auto store that is specified for your application and
actually carries genuine SAE test approvals.  Our Triumphs lasted 30+ years
using standard organic oils and products, another 30-50+ years will see our
Triumphs outlive most of us... and we have synthetics, better standard
additives included in all major brand oils, and most of use don't drive our
TRs / MGs as much as was common in years past.  Why does everyone think that
using any one brand of grease or oil is going to either cause their thrust
washers to last forever or keep their U-joints from wearing.

All that said, I have nothing against AMSOIL other than their questionable
marketing tactics and manipulated data.  If you do decide to try AMSOIL's
stuff and it works for you, great.  You won't find me trying it though...


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