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Re: '66 MBG Seat Upholstery

To: Douglas Gaither <>,
Subject: Re: '66 MBG Seat Upholstery
From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 04:54:52 -0700 (PDT)
Doug, it's actually fairly straightforward - just get a dry cleaning bag (they 
type they give you over hanging clothes) and slip that over the foam cushion. 
Then, slip the cover it - it will slide right on, since the bag prevents 
binding on the foam. Then, rip out as much as you can before you glue the cover 
on. I used 3M spary adhesive. WARNING! Wear eye protection when you spray into 
the area,as it will blowback! 
I did my '65 B's seats with no problems using this method.

Douglas Gaither <> wrote:
Dear MG people,

I am finally installing the leather upholstery. The bottoms weren't a 
problem, but the backs have me concerned. I've taped the card backing 
onto the frame and the foam cushion seams very oversized. In my "DIY 
Guide" by Porter they are using a newer car with 'fitted' cushions. My 
cushion is just a flat piece of foam with an extra pad at the lower 
back, with edging. I purchased this from Moss. Moreover the seat 
cover (Mike Satur) look like they will be a tight fit over the frame. 
And with an oversized cushion, this looks like a big mess.

How do I get the cushion to stay on the frame while I'm pulling the new 
leather cover over it? Can I tape it? Glue it? Some combination 


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