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RE: Vintage Wheel Lug Nuts

To: "Ruggiero Larry Lt Col AFRC/XPXS" <Larry.Ruggiero@AFRC.AF.MIL>,
Subject: RE: Vintage Wheel Lug Nuts
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:49:29 -0800

These lug nuts should be still available from various manufacturers.

They were the standard for a long time, and I would think are still
supported.  The MGB thread is the same as many US applications, and
these wheels were used on billions of US hotrods.

If you don't get anywhere in a couple of days, send me an e-mail and
I'll see what our suppliers have.


Hi guys,

Perhaps someone's been down this road and can help, before I resort to
measuring and doing web searches. I recently Ebayed a nice set of NLA
longer available) '70s vintage American Racing Libre wheels, like those
frequently found on old Datsun 240Z's and 510 sedans, especially the
BRE TransAm racing machines. I just wanted something different from the
Panasport/Minilite commonly found on our 'B's. These wheels appear to
require shanked lug nuts, different from stock rostyle conical-shaped
The wheel's stud holes are large enough that the lug nut shank goes
the hole as it threads onto the wheel stud, protecting the aluminum
from the stud and ensuring it's centered. Also, these type lug nuts use
thick washer to protect the wheel face when tightening. So... I'm pretty
sure the lugs are 7/16 size, 20 tpi-- any good guesses as to the specs
the lug nuts required (shank diameter, length, etc.)?  Thanks... By the
wheel sets (typically 5.5 X 14 inchers) show up on Ebay semi-regularly
go for $400-500. There's enough interest that I'm surprised someone
remanufacturing them to appease those of us who like this cool "old

Larry Ruggiero '72 MGB roadster
Warner Robins, GA

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