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Re: Pulley removal

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Subject: Re: Pulley removal
From: "Jim Leach" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 20:49:15 -0500
Steve C asks

> How do you stop the engine from rotating while trying to remove the bolt
> securing the main pulley so as to access the timing chain cover?

1 Make sure the tab on the locking washer behind the crank nut  is still not 
folded over 1 flat of the crank nut.
2 If the engine is still in the car, place the socket over the nut, put a 
breaker bar on the socket and then turn the engine clockwise (from the 
front) by hand until the breaker bar is resting firmly against the "frame" 
section in the side of the engine compartment.
3 Just "touch" the starter motor and when you get back to the front of the 
car the nut should be loose.
4 If no starter or electrical power then do as 1 2 3 above then place car in 
gear and give it a push.

If the engine is out:
1 bolt a long bar or 2X4 across the flywheel face  to stop the engine from 
 2 get a case of brewskies and invite a friend over ( your preference)
3 show brewskis to friend  and say "oh!..........before we get into those 
can you give a hand for a second ? "

Jim L 

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