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RE: Speedo Head Right Angle Drive

To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: RE: Speedo Head Right Angle Drive
From: "Christian, Skip" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:47:24 -0500

    Is there a rubber grommet (or supposed to be :-) where it passes through
the bulkhead ?  If so, what size (so I use the correct hole) ?  My car is LHD,
so no need, for me, for you to mix in the RHD info - too confusing.
    Mine works because the cable goes from the speedo through the bulkhead (on
the left side facing forwards), then finds its way to the trans.  I thought
the cable didn't look right in the engine compartment (on the left side).
    So it supposed to come out of the right angle drive pointed towards the
right side of the car.  Then run behind and below the dash vents ??  I think I
have the correct cable judging by the amount of old grease in the housing.
Sounds like I just need to route it correctly and spring for another RAD.  I
need a license plate that reads "Monetary Black Hole"  :-)

Skip    '74 B

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Subject: Re: Speedo Head Right Angle Drive

I *think* it goes through the bulkhead the same for RHD and LHD - on top of
the footrest/starter bulge in the RH footwell.  In the case of RHD it comes
straight up and curves gently backwards straight into the back of the speedo.
For an LHD it curves left (facing forwards) behind the dash to reach the
speedo, and without the right-angle drive has to take quite a sharp turn
backwards into the back of the speedo, it also needs a longer cable.


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