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RE: Carpet Question

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Subject: RE: Carpet Question
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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 08:15:03 -0800

The original floor covering for your car would have been a thin rubber
mat with jute backing, which was attached to the front floor with snaps.

When redoing the interior these mats are usually replaced by carpet
along with covering the side rails.  The factory replaced the mats and
rubber rails in 77 with carpet and it does quiet the car down a lot.

Many carpet kits come with snaps, so the front carpet can be snapped in.
If you get a kit that does not include the snaps, they are available
separately from a number of suppliers.  You can use regular chrome
snaps, but the correct ones have a (approx) 1" top ring which hides in
the carpet nap.

Alternatively if you live in a wet area, I'd suggest laying the front
carpets in without snaps.  Then purchase a set of the heavy "Amco" style
floor mats.  These are a tight fit in the footwell and will hold the
front carpet down, plus do a very good job of "bathtubbing" the floor so
the typical cowl drips and wet feet don't get the carpet wet.  The heavy
rubber mats will outlive the car and are one of the best accessories
ever developed for daily driver MGBs.  If the floors do get wet, or
during winter storage you can easily pull out the rubber mats and floor
mats to ensure that the floor stays ventilated and corrosion free.

I've been running this set up in my race car which has had to sit
outside for many years, rain, snow or shine.  The Amco mats have
protected the carpet from water and brake fluid.  

Kelvin Dodd

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> I am looking into ordering carpet for my '73 B.  How was carpet
> attatched to the floor, specifially the front carpet that would go
> the driver's and passenger's feet?  Did it snap or was it glued into
> place?  I only ask because my car has a rubber mat on the passenger
> and a homemade carpet job on the drivers side, therefore I don't have
> anything to really compare.
> Thank you,
> Zach

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