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Re: Banjo vs. Tube axle

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Subject: Re: Banjo vs. Tube axle
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 15:43:03 +0100
Better for what?  The tube axle is quieter, which is why it was used on the
GT from the start and only afterwards on the roadster, but the banjo is
easier to change ratios and some other jobs.

I doubt you can swap the banjo hubs over to the tube axle, the way they
attach is completely different.  Also wire wheel axles are narrower than
steel wheel axles and just swapping the hubs, even on the same type of axle,
puts the tyre on a wire wheel too close to the arch and it rubs on
cornering.  Mine still did it with so-called conversion hubs that were
machined to allow the wheel to sit a bit further in, it wasn't until I
fitted a proper wire-wheel axle that I overcame the problem.  The banjo axle
is also more than 2" narrower than the equivalent tube axle, which
considering that the wheels are the same indicates to me that the hubs on
the banjo position the wheels that distance further out than the hubs on a
tube axle, which means that with banjo wire wheel hubs on a tube steel wheel
axle you would end up with 4" extra width and wouldn't even be able to get
the rear wheels mounted!


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Subject: Banjo vs. Tube axle

> I have a question. I am in the process of rebuilding a 1965 MGB which
> has a banjo differential. I also have a tube axle. I am wondering which
> is better to use in the rebuild. Another thing is th banjo axle has wire
> wheels and the tube axle has steel wheels. Can I just interchange the
> wire wheel spindle on the tube axle and use the wire wheels or do I need
> to have the specific spindle for the tube axle?

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