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oil filter question

To: "'mg listserve'" <>
Subject: oil filter question
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 20:09:36 -0500
Maybe time to start a controversy.

I just finished reading MG Driver (Vol 15, No 2 -
March/April 2005). In tech talk, Bob Mason gives
a good review of the NAPA Gold #1068. My filter of

He ends it with stating that he feels the NAPA Gold
#1515 is even better. As it's 3/4" taller, with the
same outside diameter, same thread size and the
silicone rubber anti-drain back valve.

That's not implying that the 1068 doesn't have an
anti-drain back valve is it?

I should also mention, Bob passed away on Feb 10th.
He'll be missed.


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