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HS4 float chamber seal

To: "" <>
Subject: HS4 float chamber seal
From: eric <>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 03:21:26 +0930
After a disasterous run with fuel issues on both my Rover and my 'B - I
have a long weekend (ANZAC Day here in Australia) to get things working.
The ROVER just needed its plenum lifted and a hose clamp tightened but I
fear the 'B problem may cause me more issues.

It seems I may need to replace the seal on the outlet pipe (to the
needle assembly) on the bottom of the front float chamber.  Well, this
is where all the fuel is pouring out.  I guess it could be something
more disasterous.

My mechanic described an operation that he suggests takes but a few
minutes and does not involve removing the carby.  I hate pulling the
carbies (or even one of them) off so this sounded ideal.  However,
someone else told me that this is probably OK for someone who has worked
on these cars for many years but they feel I will simply screw up the
replacement seal (or two or three) and will probably end up taking the
thing off anyway in the end.

Anyone got any tips/hints?  There is no detail of this operation/area in
my Haynes.

My mechanic described removing the outlet pipe and then using a hooked
piece of wire to remove the old seal.  I supposedly just jam in the new
seal and reconnect the pipe.  Of course this would all need to be done
looking in a little mirror or just by "feel".  Sounds simple?  :-)

The other person claims I will probably end up ruining the new seal by
soaking it in fuel (!??) before I get it properly seating and reassembled.

Any thoughts, hints/tips before I attempt the operation?

'68 MGB MkII
Adelaide, South Australia

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