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MG Service in Cleveland OH

To: <>
Subject: MG Service in Cleveland OH
From: Douglas McKinnie <>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 12:05:31 -0400
I bought a '70 BGT in Dayton and got it a good part of the way to Cleveland
before it started backfiring incessantly through the carbs. After I stopped to
check it out it would not start again (although it would crank merrily) so I
had it towed to an "auto center" around the corner from my parent's house.
They got it to start with a new condenser, but could not help the backfiring
in spite of two day's effort -- they focussed upon the timing because (they
said) they didn't understand variable venturi carbs... (To a man with a
hammer, every problem looks like a...)

Anyway, my dad wants to put his car back in the garage and I can't get back
there soon easily, so I want to find a service garage in the Cleveland (Ohio)
area, preferably westside, or even off towards Sandusky. Does anyone have any


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