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clutch problems-solved

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Subject: clutch problems-solved
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 22:46:58 -0500
Several weeks ago the clutch quit working on the 79B, and then worked
intermittently. Several of you suggested that it might be hydraulics-and YOU
I spent this weekend mostly under and around the car.
I put in a new clutch master cylinder and slave, a new clutch hose (I'd
forgotten how much trouble that thing was when I replaced the hose on the
67B two years ago), all new brake hoses, several new brake lines, new wheel
cylinders, shoes, pads, new E-brake cable, and completely dismantled the
rear brakes and cleaned and lubed, blew out the clutch and brake lines, and
checked to make sure the front calipers were working. Most of this (except
shoes, pads and clutch hose) was a new experience for me and was fairly
It took over two hours to get  the brakes and clutch bled, though, and my
wife got lots of leg exercise:-). I guess there was a lot of air to dispel!
I did push fluid UP into the clutch MC from the slave bleed nipple using an
Ezy-bleed ( I wonder if this will ruin the gaskets in the Ezy Bleed?) to get
it mostly filled and then bled them again from the bleed valve below. I
ended up doing the same thing for the brakes using the bleed nipple on the
right rear wheel to push fluid through.
I took it for a test drive this evening and everything seems to work fine.
The clutch works a lot differently though-it seems to disengage (engage)
when the pedal is about halfway down, unlike previously where it engaged
near the top of the pedal. Question: Which is normal, and is there an
adjustment for this? Will letting it sit overnight and bleeding the clutch
again help?
Thankfully, I won't have to pull the motor to replace the clutch!!!!!!
Thanks for everyone's help.

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